Merle o grady


I launched my namesake statement jewellery label, blending large-scale geometric shapes with rough crystals, at London Fashion Week for Spring Summer 2010 & was lucky enough to have my work featured regularly in publications including British & Italian Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle & Grazia.

I’m so grateful to count Beyonce, Florence Welch, Cheryl Cole, Rihanna, Kylie & Ellie Goulding amongst the talented women that have worn & owned pieces of mine.

After re-locating from London to my hometown of Dublin & taking some time out to look after my now 3 year old daughter Vega full-time, studying ceramics at night was my only creative outlet, leading me to rediscover my love of clay as a medium. 

My process-driven work with clay is all about celebrating the beauty in the unpredictable & unexpected, & I’m also working within the constraints of non-toxic processes in my home studio. I want the human hand to be visible in every single piece, from each unique swirl, each hand-cut geometric shape & each surface sanded & polished with love.

The new direction of my work marks a new era in my design life, with motherhood definitely having changed the brief..on both a practical & personal level. Becoming a mother is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, yet I also really struggled with losing my identity, losing my confidence & losing that intensely strong gut-feeling that had guided me through my entire life thus far. Having worked with crystals in my jewellery for over a decade, I now turned to them in a whole new way – as my allies to help me find a way back to myself.


Crystals & their healing properties are now central to everything I create, whether blended into colourful marbled clay statement earrings, strung on a custom bracelet or as part of a geometric wall-hanging for your home – everything I create has a positive intention behind it. I want to make incorporating crystals into your life less confusing, less daunting & more accessible to everyone, Through my Crystal Kits & in-person events & workshops my aim is to empower you to use these amazing treasures for yourself, hassle free! Since I qualified as a Crystal Therapy Practitioner I’ve only grown more confident in the powerful changes that can come about when people start working with crystals. Changes in energy & mindset, focusing on self-care and remembering how they truly want to feel in this life.

My absolute wish is that my work helps you to feel supported, confident & ready to express & celebrate your own uniqueness boldly.

x Merle

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