Primp & Style

Primp & Style is a treasure trove of accessories, handbags, jewellery and clothing waiting for their rightful owners. We have scoured the globe for on trend fashions so you can browse from the comfort of home, even on your phone. We have made it that easy.

The idea for the store was born on my maternity leave with my second Son. Having spent many a night feed scrolling through Instagram I wondered where all these style mavens were getting their goods. And so I spent many more night feeds finding suppliers and manufacturers and figuring it all out. I did it to pass the time, my son fed a lot, but I soon discovered that there was a gap for an online store selling the aspirational look. The look we all pin on Pinterest and lust after on Instagram in the hopes it will magically appear in our wardrobes.

Please note the look still won’t actually appear, you have to buy it, but at least it’s all in the one place now!

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