Reuzi was born from a passion for sustainable living and how our actions affect our surroundingsWe are a helpful, well-priced, one-stop minimal waste lifestyle shop and we want to inspire the regular folk to live a more sustainable life.

  • We want people to understand why we should all swap the ‘dirty disposables’ by eco-friendly, durable products
  • We want to address the real villain: the over-consumption of single-use items
  • We want to make sure that the waste we do produce is not making its way to a garbage bin, a landfill or the ocean, rather it is compostable, recyclable or reusable
  • We want to get to know people out there and to find out more about their own ways to create positive impact #sharingiscaring
  • We want people to understand the importance of choosing a more conscious lifestyle and how every product offered by reuzi can help them with before they decide to go for it #forgetimpulsebuys
  • And most importantly, we want people to remember: every single one of us can make a tangible difference, no matter how small you start

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