THink Threads

Think Threads is a sustainable jewellery range by Annie O Rourke.

“I hand make earrings from at least 80% recycled materials. I source broken and previously unwanted jewellery and clothing mainly from charity shops and I recreate them into one of a kind pairs of earrings. My small business helps produce less waste from entering into landfills and the oceans, making Think Threads sustainable. Because of the materials I source and the way I work my price range is from 10 to 30 euro, making them generally affordable.”

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Quick fire round with Annie from Think Threads;

Who are you? – I am Annie, i am 22 years old,  the owner of an Etsy shop called Think Threads and just an all-round sustainable fashion fanatic!

When did you start your bix and what’s it all about? – Think Threads began this summer  2019 when I started creating one of a kind handmade earrings. I wanted to consciously create and to be part of the slow fashion movement so I began collecting materials from charity shops, sourcing broken and unwanted jewellery and clothing. From there I set up shop on Etsy and have been selling out quicker than expected! All of the earrings are made from at least 80% recycled materials (broken jewellery etc). Due to the nature of how I source materials the style of the earrings are constantly changing so there will always be something to suit different styles.

What does #FUBF2019 mean to you? #FUBF2019 means a great opportunity for local businesses like myself, #FUBF2019 is bringing so many locally talented people together, making shopping this Black Friday so much easier and fun! Its giving people the option to shop more sustainably and consciously this Black Friday.